Sunday, March 28, 2010

San Tan Flats!

I have been wanting to go to this place for awhile now so I was very excited for Sunday night to come because we were going with The Stillman Family!!! Trey & Presley ran around & danced the night away--literally we were there 3 1/2 hours!!! We ate outside right by the live music so the kids could go to the dance floor. (Any place with all country music is amazing in my book) Trey actually stayed on the dance floor a good amount of time without darting off in some crazy direction (we are working on this) Then they played with saw dust & old beer boxes (people were using these for all the fire pits there) for probably an hour--they were filthy by the time we left. We ended the night with a fire and SMORES!!
Making smores with Momma
Thank you Preston for taking this picture-NOT-I am telling Trey not to throw sawdust in his and Presleys's hair and he is laughing at me--I wont tell you all what had to happen next
Like Father like Son
Waiting for our dinner
Out on the dance floor--Trey has the same moves no matter what music he listens to--we are going to have to work on that lol
Is Presley not the cutest thing? She had on her red cowboy boots too!Again Preston had the camera so I over dramatized my Smore eating
Aunt Kristin holding Boston for the 1st time!
The boys with the babies!


Stillman Family said...

This was SO MUCH fun!

Amy Lemmermann said...

We went there thursday night...and we sat in the SAME table...funny!!! I LOVE that place!!

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