Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boston's 1 month!!!!

Your birth announcements!

Ohhhh my sweet baby boy I don't want you to get bigger! I love how little and snuggly you are. You have been the BEST baby this last month--I don't even want to brag because you might change but you sure showed me that Trey was not as perfect as I thought lol because to this day the only major crying episode that has lasted longer than 5 minutes has been when you were circumcised and who can blame you? You still sleep pretty great most the nights giving me 4 hour segments of sleep and never confused your nights with days--so THANKYOU for that!!!! You also are now awake a little more than before. You still love to sleep but your awake times are getting a little longer. If I'm wearing you or we are driving you are always asleep. I really enjoy our night time nursing sessions (when I'm not beyond tired). I like the quiet time when it's just you and I. You make the cutest little noises when eating and just stare up at me--this is hard to focus on during the day when your brother is running around naked getting into to trouble lol!
You still wear newborn size diapers and newborn size clothes but I think we will be moving to the next size for both in the next few weeks!


Stillman Family said...

Must say. I did good with his outfit...BUT...he makes it WAY cuter! Love it. AND, can't believe he's one month already. Makes me wanna CRY!

Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...

yes for sure one of my favorite outfits Kristin!!!!

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