Friday, March 12, 2010

Marley Farms

Trey with the LADIES--Elliana and Katrina were both born within a month of Trey
He had no fear when it came to touching the animals

This llama really liked Trey's hair

Today we went to this little petting zoo by the house--Trey loves it there!!! You get to feed the animals and touch them so he was in heaven. Normally he thinks they are all dogs but we added the work goat to his vocab today. Boston slept the whole time in the stroller so that was nice!!


The Griegers said...

Dangt! I'm so mad I missed you guys, I wanted to meet Boston! We were stuck at a drs appt that went entirely way too long :( Come to something again soon!

Stillman Family said...

It's that good smellin product in Trey's hair. ha!

Miss M! said...

Wait - when did you guys go? We were there today (the 12th).

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