Friday, May 29, 2009

10 Months

This past month...
-you go from laying down to sitting up on your own (I know that took forever-lol)
-you started holding your breath to go under water at swim lessons
-you can crawl normal and quite FAST now
-you started pulling yourself up to stand--but you have no balance whatsoever-lol
-I am almost positive when you say mama that you know its me
-have crazy bed head hair in the mornings now
-you use your pointer finger and thumb now to grab things
-had your 1st ear infection
-you play this little game of crawling really fast to get away if I chase you
-you are less and less interested in your pureed foods and want what mommy and daddy are eating
-you started getting super excited when daddy gets home from work by screaming and smiling and crawling to him
Every month just keeps getting more fun and I love getting to experience all your 1st's with you! It is almost like I am doing it all for the first time too I get sooo excited! It is the best feeling to do everyday things with you and I am so blessed to be able to stay home with you!

A little video acting shy at a friends house...


The Griegers said...

Happy 10 months Trey! He is just is so amazing watching your own child grow, to think you made him! See you guys soon :)

The Smith Family said...

HiShannon, check out my blog, I just tagged you!!!

Anonymous said...

quite the impressive month trey! sorry about your ear infection, but seems like otherwise it's been a good time! izzie wanted me to tell you she still has your float and heath bars at her house! :-)

Jennifer Blattner said...

Sounds alot like someone else! He's gotten so dang big!!! Friggin cutie!

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