Saturday, May 23, 2009

Farmers Market

So this morning I got up at 5:00--I have no clue why I could not fall back asleep but whatever--anyways we have a farmers market down the street from us and since I was awake and actually remembered, Trey and I went. I absolutely loved it and found out that there are hours for people like me for the rest of the time when I dont get up at the crack of dawn. They have amazing fruits and veggies that do not look like the ones in the store. These veggies were HUGE--clearly Fry's is jipping us lol. While we were there Trey had this weird obsession with this carrot that was the size of his head!


Stillman Family said...

Holy Frig. I don't think that is a carrot. No way. HUGE!!

Amy Lemmermann said...

I LOVE farmers markets!!! Whats up with that carrot??? That is HUGE!!!

Miss M! said...

That's the biggest carrot I've ever seen!

I went to a farmer's market in Ahwatukee a few weeks ago, but I wasn't impressed. I need to try a different one.

Anonymous said...

5:00, really? you are crazy! i love the pic of trey and the carrot; too cute!

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