Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mark's Early Surprise!

So Mark's birthday is this Thursday, but his gift had to be today! A couple weeks ago when I was thinking of what I should do for him that is unique and different I got into his car and of course his favorite radio station was on-- KTAR Talk radio--well an ad came on saying how Glenn Beck was coming to AZ and it happened to be right before his birthday so immediately I bought tickets because if you know my husband at all he LOVES Glenn Beck! SO tonight we went to his show from his "Common Sense" tour--and I have to say it was freaking hilarious!!!! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY babe--I had a blast with you tonight!!!!!


melissa said...

Sounds like fun...wish him a happy birthday for us!!!

The Nolans said...

How fun for you guys. What a great idea. Tell him Happy Birthday! We should all go out for his birthday. What are you guys doing this week or weekend?

Amy Lemmermann said...

What a GREAT gift!!! I LOVE Glen Beck!! And listen to KTAR all the time.

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