Monday, May 11, 2009

Space Shuttle Mission: STS-125

(My aunt and uncle are 3rd couple from left) My uncle has been in quarantine and they only people that were allowed to go stand by the astronauts were the spouses...
Well Trey today at 2:01pm (EDT) your great Uncle Scott started his 11 day mission to service NASA's hubble telescope! He is serving as Atlantis' commander so we are very proud of him and so bummed we could not be there with the rest of the family to see him off... (we already had 4 vacations scheduled in the next 2 months when they changed the date to May) So we are waiting for Shayla and GiGi to come home and give us the scoop since they got to go!!!

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Random Thoughts... said...

How exciting for your family! The little astronaut uniform so super cute too,I love all your posts.He will treasure all the photos when he is older!

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