Monday, February 4, 2013


I somehow find myself writing because yet another month has FLOWN by!!! You are starting to sit up (KIND OF) you fall to the side super easily, but you will not have it laying back anymore. You are super nosy--you even hate it when you have to go under the nursing cover to eat in public. Your starting to not like a bottle which is BAD for me lol since I have another wedding in a couple weeks. You will copy us when we spit our tongue out at you and you love blowing raspberries. Your still not rolling over lol which I think is hysterical. You are loving food--you have had bananas, avocados, carrots, & some cheesy broccoli soup SHHHHH I know that was not how its suppose to go, but you LOVED it!!! Mommy really needs to get crackin' on your birthday party plans--no worries I finally decided on a theme!!! XOXO
These are possibly my all time favorite milestone pics so far!!!

Ready for a kiss!!

Love me so ruffle booty

Yes Mom I am rocking this giant flower on my head!!!

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