Saturday, February 23, 2013

Boston's Art Party

So this year for Boston's 3rd birthday I literally threw a party together in 8 days!!! At first we were just going to do a family thing then it had a tiny ART theme and then last minute I had 8 kids there lol--so PLEASE DO NOT feel bad if you were not there it was so last minute with no invitations!!! I got these FABULOUS art printables from the gals at Petite Party Studio, and then everything else I made lol!!!! Well except that cute little cake--I didn't bake that but I decorated it! The palette cookies and paint brush rice krispy treats were super easy thanks to pinterest! Of course it was pretty windy that day so my paper chain backdrop was blowing in the wind and not creating a backdrop lol--I also stole borrowed this idea from Petite Party Studio. Each child had a canvas and a paint brush, and painted their heart out. It was so low key and relaxing I LOVED it, and so did Bosty.

Audie enjoying her 1st rib from Honeybears:)

Lining up for the race that Daddy Juan was leading
The little crew
He was so cute while we sang to him--he even did a little dance for us

Boston is up there opening his presents from MiMi & PaPa

Uncle Reggie & Malaysia playing with the toy Uncle Reggie picked out lol

This was Boston's gift from us--and he LOVED it!!! *Don't mind our dirt we are working on that soon!

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