Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sick Days...

 This is my FAVORITE picture of Lola in our bed!!!
 Boston doing a breathing treatment
 Lots of board games were played this week
 Lola doing a breathing treatment
 Boston waiting at the pediatrician--he just looked sick:(
After Trey had been sick for over a week and I thought he was pretty much better-he woke up with EXTREME pain in his ear--so much pain that I didn't even try and get a appointment at his doctor--we drove straight to where Aunt Santana was doing her clinicals at a Little Clinic. He thought that was pretty cool despite the pain, and now thinks she is his doctor:)

1 comment:

Rachel Johnson said...

So sorry to hear you had sick little ones. No fun! The pictures of your kids getting breathing treatments are so sad.

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