Thursday, February 14, 2013


Our Valentines Day started out a little early the night before when Audie came over for a visit and MiMi & PaPa had the kids presents dropped off. Then of course the next day started with HEART shaped pancakes followed by some playing, then GiGi and Great Grandma came by with some Valentine presents. Then I took Trey to school where he had his Valentines Party. He was so excited for the party he asked about it for the last week. We opted for a fun non candy Valentine this year for his class. I printed these printables from HERE and bought a pack of 6 swirly straws for a dollar from the dollar store--SCORE!!!
*These pictures are literally ordered backwards...

Presents from MiMi & PaPa

PaPa & MiMi got Lola this stinking cute outfit and matching doll
Lola opening her super cute present from Mommy & Daddy
Yes it was the necklace lol
Mark and I went out this past Saturday on our date so this is how we ended the night--a heart shaped pizza from PaPa Murphy's and a little Vino:)

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katie ridings said...

I love all the festive outfits, oyu are defiantely better at making heart shaped food than I am!! Haha, I tried lol!! I also love the sippy straw idea, so unique!!

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