Thursday, May 3, 2012

19 weeks 5 days

Since I officially switched from my doctor to a midwife--the midwife wanted her own ultrasound done, and I of course was not opposed. I couldn't wait to hear what this tech thought the baby was--I still have not ordered the bedding in fear that somewhere along the way a little surprise between the legs would appear lol. This tech confirmed that she too thought the baby was a GIRL within 10 seconds of turning the machine on so I suppose I will order the bedding now since that is about all I can really do anyway as I sit and wait for our new house to be built.  If the house actually finishes on time it will be done when I am 35 weeks pregnant lol so the odds of me getting to get my house or even just the nursery in order is slim to none. I did order my diaper bag though, which I was very excited about...
Well here is my favorite picture from Baby #3 who is still nameless lol... She seems to always be in a very weird bent shape lol

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