Monday, April 23, 2012

18 Week Ultrasound

So today was my 18 week scan and as far they can tell everything looked good!!!! {Thank you Lord} Both our mom's came to also see the baby in action:) The ultrasound lady said she was 80-90% sure it was a girl (she did not have and 3 or 4d capabilities so was hesitant to commit) before we told her we had a 3d scan where they said a 100% where she then said to go with that because its more accurate than the 2d. So for now we are still thinking its a girl, but since I am now switching to a midwife from a doctor she wants to do her own ultrasound next week so maybe I can get a little more confirmation before I order bedding:)

*Below she is saying HI:)
*Above she fell asleep towards the end of ultrasound with her foot up by her head
* The 3 lines which mean girl if you look closely

GiGi had these little treats waiting for after the ultra sound:)

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jess said...

Yay looks like a girl to me. Congrats and glad you found a midwife since I know that is important to you.

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