Friday, May 25, 2012

Trey's last day of Preschool

Trey sharing the love during a lesson:)
 Today was Trey's last day of school--to celebrate they had a Hungry Hungry Caterpillar party, and got to wear their pajamas to school. Everyone was assigned different foods from the book for them to munch on and they did a caterpillar craft. I am not sure Trey understands that he has a 10 week break before he sees Mrs. Stacey again, but I am sure in the next couple weeks it will set in.We are going to miss seeing Mrs. Stacey this summer for sure!!!!
 The last picture of this class:(

 Hungry Hungry Caterpillar snacks
Boston as he eagerly waits for Trey to get out
Trey and Mrs. Stacey

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