Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meet Baby Smith #3

We decided to take Trey to Stork Vision {3/4D ultrasound place} to give him a little bit more of an idea what was going on:) He keeps telling people he has a baby in his butt so we were trying to clear that up lol! It was seriously one of the coolest things ever, and while we were there the lady said she could tell us 100% what the baby was--so of course we wanted to know! She said we were having a GIRL!!! Now for some reason I still don't believe her all the way lol--of course we went out and bought her a little outfit, a hat, and a bow, but I won't be getting rid of all my boys clothes yet just in case... I should of video taped Mark's face when she started typing the letters across the screen on the wall--he was SO happy--she already has him wrapped around his finger because when I said "you know we have to go buy her a outfit like we have done for the other 2 right after" so he drove me straight to Nordstroms, and gladly watched as I slung up my few girly finds to the counter:) So we have not 1 name picked out (we had a whole boys name picked out lol) so for now we will call her baby girl.
profile shot
cord between the legs

Between the leg shot
arm by her face
2 legs with umbilical cord going between legs
Sucking her thumb

Her one arm is bent up by her face
And this little # was the ensemble we bought her--there are matching black leggings and bow!!


Rachel Johnson said...

So happy for you guys! I love the picture of her sucking her thumb! And her new outfit is too cute!

Kaisha said...

Jaclyn just told me so I had to come check! Congrats! As a mama of 2 boys and then a girl it is just the best ever! Your boys will love on her all the time...mine call her "my little princess" and "my little sweetie" as her nickname. Shopping is over the top fun:) She will be the luckiest little lady ever to have 2 big brothers always watching over her! (and daddy will appreciate the help someday!!!) Congrats again!

Amy Lemmermann said...

Congratulations!!!!! I am spool excited for you!

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