Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The mouse ears the boys picked out for their NEW baby brother or sister:)

Well I am not even sure where to start with this post--but we are going to have ANOTHER baby! Hence my huge blogging absence in February-my time was spent barfing instead of doing things to blog about lol! I have been super sick, got 5 migraines, & been super tired. The baby news did come as a HUGE shock (like I think I didn't even think to take a test til I was 13 days late lol) since obviously this is not an ideal time since we still have not even found a house lol, and had some trips planned that are now cancelled, but I suppose it will all work out.
I have not committed to where I will be having this baby since I am thinking we will barely be in our new home when it comes, which kind of defeats the purpose of a serene home birth, but would work!!! Or what if we are still in the apt. because things didn't line up right--I was extremely loud giving birth with Boston lol I am not sure how that would go in a complex?? You can bring a midwife into Gilbert Mercy I guess, but you can not give birth in the tub only labor which defeats the purpose to me so I am not sold on that... (Your telling me that at the point when I want to die your going to say "ok get up and move to the bed now to push out your kid" I might use some vulgar language in that situation) Plus I would have to sign a bunch of papers telling them to not give me a IV yadayadayada... So I still have no clue what to do lol... I am currently 12 1/2 weeks and due at the end of September. So I will be praying for an answer on what to do--hopefully it comes sooner than later:)

I suppose the most next popular comment/question I get is "Are you hoping it's a girl--if not will you have another" lol ummmm No I will not be having another! We wanted 3 kids eventually regardless of what they were--in fact I am not sold on the "needing a girl" philosophy... My Mom says my reasons for wanting all boys is extremely selfish lol but I am just being honest:) Who wouldn't love getting flowers from 4 boys on holidays lol?? I won't share any more reasons until I know what we are having, and obviously after watching some different things with family and friends all we really want is a healthy baby--which sounds very cliche but is true.
This cake is how we told Mark's side of the family about the baby--Malaysia had just been dedicated that morning and so after everyone had lunch we brought this cake out and just watched people's expressions as they looked around to see if anyone knew what it was talking about lol. It was actually hilarious to watch, but the most entertaining would have to be Shamara as she looked at it 4 times and still never quite thoroughly read it thru and then when she did she screamed lol... We should have video taped it because it was so loud and funny!
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Stillman Family said...

We will love it with all of our hearts no matter what sex it is! Cannot wait to meet "it". :)

Rachel Johnson said...

A healthy baby is the best baby! And you guys make gorgeous ones! So happy for your family of five!

~Our Family~ said...

CONGRATS SMITH FAMILY!!! I know it came as a shock, but God has a wonderful reason for this and you are such a wonderful Momma Shannon! PS. I don't know what I would have done w/ a girl either lol! I'm sure if you have one though she will be an angle on earth ; )

Heather said...


Jessica Stoker said...

I am so happy for you Shannon. Good thing it takes 9+ months to make a baby lol. It is funny that we are on the same timeline (I'm 10 1/2 weeks now), just wish we lived closer. I am sure it will all work out and whether it is a boy or a girl you will love it to death just like your other two.

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