Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ahoy Matey's Boston's 2!

I will be honest I kind of debated not having a party this year, but was quickly talked out of that idea by some family members on how not fair that was, which of course I am not trying to be unfair it was more like a {LAZY} thing and its hard not having all my stuff since most is in storage lol and were going to Disneyland in a few weeks so I figured that could be the party lol. Anyways Boston is obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates so that was the theme we went with! As soon as the kids arrived an eye patch, red bandana, and telescope were given to each child, and of course they all went straight to the bounce house/slide thing. Mark and I had fun coming up with all the foods and desserts. The food turned out great and the big huge turkey legs were a HUGE hit! I think every last cake pop, cupcake, and piece of cake was gone by the end so if that doesn't say success I don't know what does:) We had a "Walk the Plank" which Mark so AMAZINGLY made--it even had a REAL fish under it--which was possibly a even bigger deal than the bounce house!I do not have a ton of pictures so if any of you have some cute ones please send them to me:) It was actually quite laid back so I didn't have my camera out at all times... Thanks to all that came--I think Boston really ENJOYED his day!! Thanks for all his wonderful gifts especially ALL his clothes & shoes from the grandparents--I can not even tell you how AWESOME that is and how helpful:) And thank you so much to everyone who helped set up and clean up--it meant the world to us!
Uncle Shaw setting up the bubble machine

The table was covered in brown paper so the kids could color as they ate
Daddy driving with the HUGE balloons

All the yummy desserts
Pirate photo props
Dipped Oreos--AMAZING
Jake cake pops

Crocodile suckers
Jake Cupcakes--Can you tell I made them lol?
The adorable cake
Didn't Mark do a awesome job??

Uncle Arie & Aunt Shayla
Mini jello aquariums--Thank you Grandma for helping me make them:)

He loved being sang to!

Blowing his candles out

Aunt Shayla & Trey

Trey helping get the last candle out

Walking the Plank
Eating his Jake cake pop

Aunt Shamara
Jumping off the plank

Trey was VERY involved with the present opening

Loving his new Jordans

Loving this card from GiGi & Poppie since it had Lightning McQueen on it
Aunt Shanel helping open at the end
Poppie eating his turkey leg

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