Thursday, February 23, 2012

Boston {Actual 2nd Birthday}

Well now I have 2 full blown toddlers--I still refer to both of you as my babies so I'm not sure when I will stop that{possibly when you have a serious girlfriend so that I don't annoy her??-not sure lol} Today was a milder celebration since your BIG TO DO is on Sunday, but it was still fun none the less! I went and took you alone to get a BIG cupcake and we had 1 of your favorite meals-- Unfortunately you did have to run around and do a bunch of errands with me today for a work thing that is tomorrow, but I had no control over the date otherwise I promise I would have moved it to another day for you. I am still in denial that your 2 now--like am I really suppose to start thinking about putting you in a bed--it was so different with Trey because when he turned 2 you were already 5 months old lol. You talk soooooo much now its crazy--we can't really get you to stop lol. You tell people "bless you" when they sneeze which I think is so cute. You still have a tad bit of a anger problem, but I am hoping that will fade soon:) You LOVE being with Daddy--you would leave me everyday and go with him wherever he had to go if we let you. Your hair is finally getting long and filling in, and its soooo CUTE--that only took 2 years:) I still have 1 year and half of you all to myself before you start preschool so that makes me happy--then I might have to switch to homeschooling lol! Until next year... I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!
XOXO Mommy

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