Friday, September 2, 2011

Soccer Season

Well it's official I am a soccer mom minus the whole mini van thing (no offense to any of you who rock the mini van, but it's just not my style lol) Trey started his first team sport where there is practices and a game once a week! His team is the RAPIDS but all the kids say rabbits lol) and their colors are baby blue and white. My 1st sport I ever did was soccer thru the YMCA at 3 years old too with my dad as my coach so it only seemed right that my dad was his coach too--Trey actually gets double the fun and Mark's dad is coaching with my dad lol! Right now his team is doing 2 practices a week and the 1st game is 1 week from tomorrow! Trey is the youngest one on the team--there are 2 kids who will be 5 this month lol so I would say his biggest hurdle to get over is his attention span lol but as long as there is lots of action and they are all playing he is good--minus the whole "shoving" other kid thing lol which we are working on teaching him that he is not in football.

Goooo Rabbits as they say lol


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