Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Iowa Day 2

This whole 2 hour time difference thing is hard to get used to right away--our hotel had breakfast til 9 well we got up at 7 so that was 9 here so we missed that lol--so after grabbing some food we went over to Mark's Grandma's house and Trey made himself right at home like he has been going there his whole life:) We did some more visiting then headed to the nursing home where Mark's Grandpa has been staying. (honestly I am going to start praying daily I never have to go to one of those!!) Anyways his Grandpa was VERY excited to see everyone and to learn that he was going to be moved to an assisted living home rather a nursing home. It was so neat to see that he still had part of our wedding invitation up in his room. After spending a good 1.5 hours there we got him checked out and went back to Mark's Grandma's for a HUGE lunch:) This is when I MADE the SMITH boys pose for me for LOTS of pictures-and finally I got one of ALL of them looking!

Great Aunt Caroline
Great Aunt Sherry

I LOVE this picture of him watching Trey
Outside the nursing home

The PERFECT 4 generation picture!

Aunt Sherry with me--she used to live in AZ and I always LOVED her!
My father in law learning to can home made relish (here they call it chow chow) And my friends who can you should have seen these jars they were amazing and I bet older than me:)
Sitting on Great Grandma's porch

So Trey is OBSESSED with train tracks whenever we are driving he wants to find some--well PaPa is a sucker and drove to some multiple times a day and even pulled over and let Trey play on them--clearly he is way more fun than Mark or I lol

Milk break--and yes I know I need to ween the bottle so no comments:)


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Stillman Family said...

Looks like you guys had fun :) Glad you are coming home tonight though.

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