Monday, September 12, 2011

Iowa Day 1

We flew out to Iowa today with Mark's dad to go see all of Mark's extended family, but most importantly get the 4 generation picture of Big Mark's dad, Big Mark, {my} Mark, Trey, & Boston. All of Mark's extended family had never met the boys yet and we had not seen a lot of them in forever (like since our wedding 6 1/2 years ago) Our flight went pretty perfect--Trey watched a movie the whole time and Boston slept most of the time. It has been such a nice time--literally we were not in the state 45 minutes when we served an amazing huge meal! Then tons of family just coming over and saying all while we got to be OUTSIDE in amazing nice weather! (I want to know why every house in AZ does not have a front porch--I WANT one!!) The boys LOVED running around with tons of cousins outside with big huge green trees everywhere--literally Trey wanted to take his shoes off and feel the thick green grass lol.
*Sorry pics are out of order blogger mixes them all up now and I can not figure out how to change it
On the plane watching Toys Story:)
2nd & 3rd Cousins--don't know how that all the titles work lol
Trey playing on the back porch
HUGE basket of home made fried chicken
I think this would be Treys Great Uncle
Mark's Grandma so the boys Great-Grandma

4 generations:)
It was so funny we told Trey this is your Grandma and he had no problem just calling her that lol after like 2 minutes


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