Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July!

Well unfortunately we were here in AZ for the 4th this year--I LOVE the 4th in San Diego it's so much more fun with the beach, the water, the cook outs, the cooler weather, and a million other reasons, but we made the most of it and the lovely monsoon actually made for amazing weather for watching the fireworks. I actually did not get very festive with the food/desserts this year because I booked a last minute baby shower this week that is in 2 weeks and it's quite elaborate so all my crafting and planning has gone toward that! We had The Stillman's over to BBQ and swim and then went to the park down the street which actually has a HUGE turnout for fireworks. The kids had so much fun literally swimming the whole afternoon away, and my Mom joined us for fireworks which is always nice! So it was a pretty nice day and as long as the kids have sweet memories and our little family is starting to form traditions I can't ask for much more...
Trey lounging
My Bosty Boo

He liked lunch
Jaggar & Boston
Pres did NOT love the slide so I am glad I got her on the 1st time down:)

Love this picture!
kisses for Daddy

Pres & Jag's PaPa

Football to pass some time

GiGi making Boston crack up

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