Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life Changing!

Ok so you are probably thinking something serious happened lol, but this is still AMAZING for me! We finally NAILED DOWN the Thomas track!!!! (Like literally nailed it to the train table lol) I know some of you are thinking why would you do that now you can't change the track (we actually could take the nails out if we wanted), or that crap is so expensive why would you do that and the answer is because I am SO TIRED of Boston ruining the track and Trey crying for me to fix it 150 times a day, and having all the track pieces around my house!! Now I can sit there and use the time to play with the track with him. It is AMAZING and it has never got so much use. So thank you Brown Family for the fabulous idea!!!

Trey was so excited and could NOT wait for it to be done!
Sorry pics are so bad they are from my phone...


Miss M! said...

You are hilarious! I'm willing to bet you have even more track than that stashed somewhere too. :)

Stillman Family said...


Stillman Family said...

BTW...when I read the title of this, I was wondering what the heck would be so life changing that you had not already told me. I laughed when I saw the pictures.

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