Friday, July 8, 2011

Childrens Museum

I have been wanting to take the boys to this museum for awhile now, and since I have been working so much during the days I figured today was the perfect day to get them out of the house. I called my mom to make sure she could come too because there is no way I was attempting this place alone--that was a good call lol!!! Both boys absolutely LOVED it there and we will for sure be going back!!! It was so hands on for both Trey & Boston & I LOVE all the imaginative play that it stimulates for their little brains.
climbing up this weird tree house
a bath tub was in the tree house lol

Sand over weird neon glowing lights

you shoved balls in these weird tubes and they suctioned them thru the tubes and spit them back out
noodle maze
Pretend grocery store play

working at a ice cream store

There was a room full of balls--both boys FAVORITE of course!
making oven brick pizza's with GiGi

Isn't he cute in his apron?

Taking his bike thru the "car wash" lol
then he hitched a ride on this random kid's bike lol


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Rachel said...

That museum looks AWESOME!
I saw your blog on the Circle of Moms Top 25 Family Blogs (I was looking to see how I was doing) and clicked on over (I also left a vote for you).

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