Monday, June 6, 2011

Mark's Birthday Weekend--Day 3

Again we got to sleep in which was good because we were out late lol!!! We sat in the lounge area of the hotel and had coffee and did major people watching! Then is was off to do some shopping (oh the shopping is amazing there) before we left.

The trip was beyond fun and I can not wait to go away again after a little while lol. I loved the one on one time with Mark!! 3 whole days & 2 nights was the perfect amount of time to be away from the boys--any longer and I think it would start to consume me that I missed them too much. I was getting a little nervous leaving them the night before so much so that I went and brought Trey in bed with us just so I could snuggle with him. (I would have brought Bos too except he HATES sleeping anywhere but alone in his crib) So thank you so much to our parents for taking the boys--it was so nice not worrying about them and knowing they were happy and safe!!!!!! Now I just wonder if we are allowed to have another and they will still let us leave on little trips lol???

*Thank you Arie and Shayla for babying us on the flights and for flying us!!!

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