Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day!

Our day started off with Trey helping me make a little breakfast so we could go deliver it to Mark in bed--but then Mark got up earlier than normal so we ate it normally lol. Then we gave him his Father's Day presents. Can you tell who picked out the gift bag? Then we went to church and to Chompies for lunch. Then it was nap time for all... Then we had dinner and swimming at The Smith's with everyone!!! 21 lobsters I believe is what it took to feed all of us lol--and they were delish!!! The boys are so lucky to have such a awesome DAD & 2 active grandfathers in their lives!!
Stirring the waffle batter
Of course Boston wanted to see what was going on

Giving Daddy his presents

Trey loved his card he made
I LOVE that this is just our immediate family lol

Boston with Aunt Shanel
The boys played dominoes

Loving on MiMi

Doesn't this look like the sunscreen ad?

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