Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mark's Birthday Weekend--Day 2!

Today we had the pleasure of SLEEPING IN and not worrying about dressing, feeding, or changing anyone lol--it was AWESOME and weird lol!! Even though I could have laid there all day I could not wait to go get breakfast at one of the cute places we had seen the day before (if you have not noticed our trip revolved around food & drinks lol) so we went to some coffee shop I can't remember the name. Then we headed over to The Golden Gate bridge and walked about a quarter of it. It really is unreal to be on and to look at. Then we headed back towards the wharf and grabbed lunch and hit up 2 different bakeries so I could try cupcakes at both:) Then we walked Fishermans Wharf for a couple hours.

"the crookedest road"

Alcatraz from the bridge

This was at Kara's Cupcakes--I had a S'mores one and it was pretty good, but my coconut cupcake from Susie Cakes was unbelievable!!!!!
Crazy trolly ride--like really you HAVE to hold on or you will fall and I could not stop thinking about all the germs when I was holding on lol
We ended (by end I mean starting out the evening lol) our day with dinner at Franciscan Crab House then we were off to our night time tour of Alcatraz!!! Dinner was delish, but how could it not be at a seafood place on the ocean. It was so nice and beautiful on the boat out to Alcatraz. We got to see the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset from the water on the way there and then got to see it all lit up on the boat ride back. I LOVED the Alcatraz tour sooooo much--I have this weird obsession with prisons and jails lol. So I was totally fine with 2 hour tour! Honestly it was pretty crazy to think you were standing and looking at things that these insane prisoners stood and looked at. Once we got off the boat you walked up this insane hill that the prisoners walked up (only they had a 20 lb.ball and chain to drag with them) We got to go in their cafeteria and the solitary confinement area too, but I didn't get pics of those...
Who doesn't love when crab is order for 4 and put in one HUGE pile lol??

These are where the prison guards and their families lived...what wife would do that lol?? Like the kids park was just outside the prisons walls...
Their Showers
I can not remember whose cell we were in front of...
Some of the cells still had their original toilets

This was down in their "yard"

We kind of got grossed out after this picture when we realized we touched the bars lol they had probably touched and leaned their heads on--YUCK!!!
This was the exact table and light where surgeries were done--the medical staff left in the evening to go home across the water so say your appendix burst in the middle of the night--you were screwed--like they didn't call anyone you had to wait ti the morning lol
X-ray table--notice all the LEAD paint that's chipping off the walls lol they asked us not to eat it

View form the boat when we left
*They would open and close the prison doors so you could hear it exactly how they heard it--it was creepy!!!


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