Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mark's Birthday Weekend--Day 1!

A few months back I started planning a little mini trip for Mark and I with NO kids--it has been forever since we have gone on a good vacation alone--so thanks so much to our moms for taking the boys!! {TRIP-when you go out of town with your kids which is fun--VACATION-when you go out of town without your toddler kids which is fun and relaxing lol} I figured his birthday weekend was the perfect time to do it! So San Fransisco it was--we have a list of places we have never been and this was one of them that wasn't too far from boys. Well halfway thru planning a get away my sister got this brilliant idea to go and have Arie fly us all over there lol--now its not that we don't trust Arie--Mark and I just got the crap scared out of us when we had a small plane ride in Tahiti on our honeymoon. Anyways they have been trying to get us up in his plane forever now so I figured what the heck??? So away we went (after some mimosa's that is lol) The flight went great!! A few bumps from weather, but nothing that scared me, and I have to say his landings were quite smooth and better than airliners!!
We arrived in the afternoon and immediately went out and walked around The Ferry Building and grabbed lunch. I had made reservations at Flour and Water for his birthday dinner, and all the rave reviews and write ups on this place were right and did not let us down--the food was awesome! Of course Mark ordered us each the pasta flight for the day, which I am going to guess most might not eat--but every single course was amazing so at least his birthday was a success! After dinner we met back up with Shay and Arie and went to "the most crooked road" and drove down it, then we were on the hunt to find "The Tanner House" from Full House lol, and ended at Ghiradelli Square with ice cream sundaes!!

It's not everyday you see this...

The Oakland Bay Bridge--as were on it Arie informs us it's 1 earthquake away from collapsing lol-got to love the facts!!!
Mark on his 1st bowl of clam chowder

San Fran Bridge--by the way its FREEZING here!!
The crooked road
Shayla and I raced up to get a pic infront of The Tanner's house lol apparently they painted the door black to throw people off, but when all the other doors are still red lol it was pretty easy to spot

These next pics are for the husband so don't go off thinking I'm on one of those weirdos who takes a pic of everything I eat lol!
Duck flight
Creamy mushroom flight--both our favorites
Squid ink infused pasta flight

Rabbit Flight
Pork Shoulder flight
Boar Flight
Well Mark is up now so we are heading out again for the day...



Rachel Johnson said...

Wow! Blogging on your trip?! You are committed! Looks like you guys are having so much fun!! Good for you

Stillman Family said...

I CANNOT believe you blogged WHILE YOU ARE THERE! You are insane. Glad you are having so much fun....AND....that food looks gross. ;)

Sara @ Sara vs. Sarah said...

you absolutely crack me up shannon! i'm so glad you got a 'vacation' not to be confused with a 'trip' and made it to flour + water. :) also your obsession w/ alcatraz and your noted details are just hilarious to me!!

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