Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Nuptials!

How could we not celebrate the Royal Wedding--I am sure all of you who know me knew this was coming lol... I can still remember back when Princess Diana passed away and asking my mom to get me every issue of People or any other magazine that had the wedding on the front cover as people remembered her. I was obsessed even at age-- well I don't do math but a long time ago! I don't know who exactly I thought I was, but I remember telling people "I am going to have a train that long at my wedding" lol or "I think I shall get married in a cathedral like that" lol ummmm hello I don't think there's places that nice on our continent. Anyways this wedding has been on my calendar for months now and of course I had a TINY little celebration with some friends and my sister who wouldn't think I was an idiot ha. (we even had my sister's new sister in law, Sian, come who just moved here from ENGLAND 2 weeks ago!!!) So that's what we did--I recorded it and they all came over in the morning and we had tiny sandwiches, scones, clotted cream & jam, tea, desserts, and champagne to toast the happy couple lol. Now I have to mention here that my personal "Royal Chef" got up and made these tea sandwiches for me before he went to work--so thanks babe your the best, and to my mom for taking the boys so I could actually watch with no interruptions!!!! It was a lovely day!

Of course we toasted William & Katherine lol

The Royal Cupcakes

High school friends

Kristi's "queen" impression
Shay eating her homemade scones--they were DELISH!!!
Sian being from England was in charge of the tea
We learned I have proper pinky placement from these pics lol
Kim, Sian, & Shayla--3 sister in laws
Kristin & I
Look at my POSH pinky lol

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Stillman Family said...

So fun! Thanks for the lovely day!! =)

Shayla Van Hofwegen said...

What a "well good" time it was :)
Thanks for hosting!!

The Juarez Family said...

We had a blast! Thanks for hosting! :)

Miss M! said...

You are ridiculously cute. I'm surprised you guys aren't all wearing hats! I need friends who do this kind of stuff! I watched it with my dog and we ate peanut m&ms... decidedly less posh.

Rachel Johnson said...

Oh wow! You went all out!!

the-moroney-family said...

you are too much!! in a very lovely way of course!! CHEERS!! how amazing was her dress!!

ebonyblu said...

I love it. Too cute!

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