Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day!

Easter started off with the boys finding their baskets from the Easter Bunny and playing with the goodies followed by heading to church (the early service--something we do not attempt ever lol) and then came back to our house for lunch with whatever family was in town. *Mark made an amazing menu!!! Of course the boys were spoiled with their baskets from GiGi, MiMi, and Great Grandma too! Then after some naps we went over to a family friend's house of The Smith's--which is always fun! They had dinner for 50 lol and it was amazing--they also had a egg hunt and a egg roll for the kids so that was fun! *Remember how I said Trey sucked it up at our churches Easter egg hunt lol well Aunt Sabriya and Aunt Shanel were NOT having that this time so I believe Trey won this egg hunt with LOTS of help from the aunties lol--I am not too sure the other little kids who were all older than Trey liked this, but that did not stop them, at one point I looked over and Shanel was around the corner hiding 5 eggs in her dress lol. It was a super nice Easter holiday!!!
Trey & MiMi
Loving on Aunt Shanel

I {LOVE} this boy!
Poppie playing with the new Easter toys
Poppie, Uncle Shaw, and Trey
Prepping with Grandma
Lunch time--we all squeezed at our dining room table so we could be in 1 room

I am not going to lie--I LOVE the boys suits!!!!!

PaPa & the boys
My Love
With GiGi
Trey waiting to get his hands on the loot

So the bunny did not hide them very well...
Finding his basket

Baskets from Great Grandma

Aunt #1 on gaurd
Aunt #2 lol "helping"


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Shayla Van Hofwegen said...

I'm so sad I missed it all :( maybe next year Uncle Arie and Aunt Shayla will have to help Boston find the eggs before Trey does :)

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