Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Today was our annual Easter Egg Hunt with our friends form church! The boys had fun except Trey did not get that many eggs at all because he had to stop and open each egg, stuff his mouth, and then move on. Boston thoroughly enjoyed himself as well--sneaking in all the goodies he could! We went through the resurrection eggs with the kids (to at least try and get the point of Easter across), ate a bunch of treats, and played at the park! I LOVE how Trey and Boston have gone to this every year of their little lives so far!
How cute are these?? I got the idea here to bring them for the kids!
Danielle leading the lesson with the resurrection eggs
Listening intently...
And they are off!

Boston is ALWAYS eating--notice the pretzels in each hand also lol
He LOVED Kristin's cake pops!!!

And every egg hunt ends at a splash pad right lol--and notice my kid sucking the water off the ground again...



Stillman Family said...

The funniest part of these pics is the second to the last when you see Trey from behind....drinking the water. What is it with him and that dang water!!!???

Miss M! said...

I had to laugh about the face stuffing part. That's funny!

I have to ask though - how hard is it to get those teeny Toms on their feet? I have trouble with MY feet sometimes!

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