Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A day at the Farm...

Uncle Arie's farm that is! Uncle Arie and Aunt Shayla were gracious enough to let us come out and play at the farm again, and this time we brought The Stillman's to join the fun!!! We had so much fun walking thru all the cows, going to see the baby cows, riding the tractor, and watching them get milked!!!! (I have to mention that this is also day 3 of potty training so the 1 hour and 15 minute car ride each way went awesome with NO accidents--WOO HOO) Anyways Shayla and Arie are seriously AMAZING with kids--I LOVE watching them with mine--they are both so educational even I learn things lol!

I'm sure the cows were glad when we left:) Since they ran up and down this and scared the crap out of them lol while they ate

How cute is Uncle Arie??? They both thought he was the greatest thing and hung on to every word he said!
Boston laughed and laughed when the calves licked him

Kristin & Jaggar

They were all watching the cows heard in and out and be milked

In the milking area

Helping fix the milk tank

This is what started the plane business...Uncle Arie let them play and then Presley said she wanted to fly so of course he could not tell her NO lol so up they went!!!!
Ready for their plane ride...
Even GiGi got in on the flying!!
There they are way up in the sky!
I LOVE his boots!!!!

Uncle Arie & Aunt Shayla!!!



Stillman Family said...

Thank you SO much for inviting us! Uncle Arie and Aunt Shayla are the BEST! Presley asked what Arie's name was at dinner so that she could talk about him. "This was the best day ever!" - Presley

Miss M! said...

1. That looks like so much fun. I remember when I used to work at the school, one of our field trips each year was to a dairy. They would let the kids play in the piles of feed ingredients!

2. I love how Boston looks all GQ in his pictures. He never has that goofy baby look - he's always all like, "How YOU doin'?"

3. I can't believe you went up in the freaky little airplane. I get the heebie jeebies just thinking about it!!!

Shayla Van Hofwegen said...

Seriously, Arie & I loved having you guys out at the farm! We enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks for making the long trip out there, even with Trey potty training, haha :)

Rachel Johnson said...

What a fun day! Hopefully you brought home some fresh milk.....or ice cream!!!

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