Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meeting Thomas!

It was a HUGE day in our household today--we got to see, ride, and meet Thomas the Train in person!! I realize if I was a random person reading this 2 1/2 years ago prior to children I would have been like ''well that's boring'' because honestly I still think Thomas is boring, but the PURE delight my boys find in him makes it worth it. So we drove to Globe to go spend the day with him and Sir Topham Hatt of course lol. We also met The Brown family there because their 2 girls are DIE HARD Thomas fans as well! Of course we had to get a new piece to our Thomas track set--the water tower!!! It was a perfect family day!
Daddy teaching Trey how to do the remote control trains

Meeting Sir Topham Hatt

Just in AWE of everything!
Riding the little train--his 1st ride by himself ever!!!!
Trey LOVES riding trains--he looked out the window perfectly still the whole time!
Even Boston LOVED the train ride, and chewing on Rosie
The conductor trying to get Trey's attention lol

Trey would not stop looking at him for a picture



Heather said...

So glad to see you had fun in my little town! :)

Rachel Johnson said...

Looks like Trey had a lot of fun! Sir Topham Hat looks kind of strange though!!

Sara vs. Sarah said...

it was fun getting to experience globe / thomas with the smith clan! trey did love riding that train so much ... he was a perfect little co-passenger. :)

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