Sunday, March 13, 2011

Disneyland Day 1

Our day started out SUPER early today with our drive to Disneyland from home. We caravanned down with Mark's whole family and my mom. Anyways this was the 1st time we had taken the boys to Disneyland and of course it fulfilled every dream! It was so fun hanging out with everyone--this is one of those things that makes me think I need tons of kids because we have so much hanging out with all Mark's siblings, and I feel like my kids should have that too lol. Anyways a big THANK YOU to my In Laws for taking us--it was a blast! Another AMAZING thing was that my mom came too so we constantly had help! I can honestly say that the 2 days at Disneyland were so relaxing, and Mark and I got to go do fun rides still while others watched the boys, and we got to go out 2 nights in a row ALONE!!!!

These guys kept us entertained the whole trip!!!!
Yes Ken got yelled at for standing on the Disney wall lol

I was on the Matterhorn when this happened--Aunt Shamara caught red handed sneaking Trey soda lol
PaPa and Boston-These 2 look SOOOOO alike lol

My crazy sis in law lol--not sure if I was allowed to put this on blog lol...

In downtown Disney with the LOVE of my life!
On Trey's 1st ride which was Snow White--he was NOT a fan-it scared the crap out of him

Waiting for the Matterhorn
On the fairytale boat ride

Mark & Shanel
With MiMi on Nemo
Trey looking for Nemo
Boston looking out his portal on the Nemo ride
I LOVE their Mickey shirts!!!
They wanted down lol
My sis in law Shanel & I
MiMi & PaPa
Boston thoroughly enjoyed Its A Small World
Watching Trey on the tea cups--Mommy does not do that ride
The crazy tea cuppers
Waiting with Aunt Sabriya to ride the Buzz ride
lol my mom ready to go
Trey still figuring out what is going on.
Space Mountain
At the end of the night


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