Friday, June 18, 2010

Brotherly Love

So normally I am NOT a kisser on the lips when it comes to family members (besides husbands & wives) I dont know why, but it grosses me out lol!!!! Well Trey LOVES to kiss on the lips so I do now with him but I keep my lips very tightly pursed together--this also really grosses me when he tries to kiss other people so I am trying to teach kiss on the cheek-lol. Anyways he loves to kiss Boston on the head or on the lips... And then why not end it with some friendly hitting?

1 comment:

Miss M! said...

I'm not down with the mouth kisses either. Blech! It's funny, because if you ask Bubba for a kiss, he'll lean forward so you can kiss his forehead! He's not down with the mouth kisses either. :)

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