Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sleepy Ice Cream

Today we went over to my parent's house for lunch and swimming after church. My brothers took him swimming and set up the basketball hoop by the pool so he was in heaven. Trey has been a little stubborn with his napping schedule so of course when he saw everyone he was not going to go down. So no nap plus swimming= eating ice cream like his uncles but falling asleep in the process. It was so funny to watch lol by far my favorite video of him so far!!!



Heather said...

This is hysterical!!! you should send it in to a home video show!!

SANTANA said...

Ready to fight someone over his ice cream. LOLOL

The Fraley Family said...

this is great! it is so funny how he protects his ice cream even tho he is sooo tired. too cute

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