Sunday, November 4, 2012

2 months Old

T-W-O????? I seriously don't know where the time went! Sometimes I wake up and still can not believe I have a daughter!! I think about when you can come to some weddings with me, and we can have spa days, and do our nails, go to the Princess section at Disneyland lol--the possibilities are endless lol!!!! And to think I thought I wanted to be the only girl lol I am sure the bank account is thinking otherwise though lol.
Here is what you have been up to:
-Your pretty much moved into all 0-3 months clothing even though I try and smoosh you into newborn sizing because it makes me sad I will never have a newborn again lol
-You have started sleeping 7 hours at night time
-You LOVE sitting in the bumbo chair
-You love the swing, but definitely like being held by a person lol
-You have the chubbiest cheeks that I just want to squeeze--they also jiggle really funny when your in the shopping cart and we roll over bumps lol
-People stop us everywhere we go to see your cute chubby cheeks
-You still love the scrunched fetal position
-You love being on your stomach  (no crazy people who read this I don't let her sleep on it)
-You went to your 1st boutique, and got asked to model some product--Daddy's wallet will appreciate this lol since Mommy LOVES putting you in accessories
-You will drink from a bottle no problem so far when need be
-So far whenever you are babysat you have convinced them all to NEVER put you down the whole time I am gone--the last time I picked you up Aunt Sabriya even had you in a sling lol
-You sleep 90% of the time whenever we are in the car except if we stop too long lol
-You gained 5 pounds in the last 8 weeks lol--the doctor said I must be producing heavy cream

This was after your shots--I have never heard you scream so loud!! You left that lip out for 15 minutes and wimpered--break my heart!!!
WEIGHT: 11lbs 11oz (58%)  HEIGHT 21.5 inches (10%)


Rachel Johnson said...

Oh man! That lip out is the saddest/cutest thing ever!

Jill said...

SOOOO cute! Little girls are so fun!!

katie ridings said...

love this bow!!

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