Monday, September 10, 2012

Trey's 4 year check up

Well this appointment did not go the way I expected... I waited to tell Trey that he had shots coming til we got there which he handled completely fine and NEVER shed 1 tear (of course there was blue ice cream involved lol) so that was awesome, but his adnoids were extremely swollen which means we need to go get X Rays and then see a ENT to decide if he has sleep apnea which would then mean surgery if he does... Seriously if you knew the past couple months we have been having  (lets just say I'm extremely thankful for our new house, Lola, & my amazing husband, but life has been rough in other areas, and things are still not better yet so this was just the Cherry on my Sundae:) And I can not even imagine putting him under for surgery even if it is out patient!!!
4 year Stats
Weight: 35 lbs
Height:  40 1/4 in.

 He was so cute raising his hand during the hearing test
 He held his football the entire appointment
During the eye test when it got to the plus symbol he though it was the letter T so he spelled out T R E Y automatically lol

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