Friday, September 14, 2012

1st week home

Honestly this week was a whirlwind...we literally drove from the hospital to the new house and started moving in. (I DO NOT recommend doing this--it was awful!!!) Luckily my sister met me at the house and started unpacking lots of boxes and putting stuff away, then her and my brother in law came over again the next day to help us move more--it was seriously amazing having the help! My Dad and Father in law also helped move all the big furniture which is no easy task when 2 toddlers are running around. I think I made it 6 days before I had a mini melt down and cried lol which also had a lot to do with other stresses 1 being my washing machine breaking and getting so behind on laundry for 4 days--I thought that was pretty good tho lasting 6 days lol! By the time we got to leave the hospital Lola was already 2 whole days old this meant I also lost a day to get her room done for her newborn pictures that were to take place 4 days later lol at the house. I still can not believe it, but we got the room 80% done which was good enough for me!!! Her room is also the only room in the house currently painted and put together so I go sit in there when I need to relax lol!

Meeting Uncle Shaw &Logan
I still have not taken her anywhere really besides the doctor but I love dressing her lol

 Snuggling with Daddy

 1st nap in her crib
Here is a look at what went on within 2 hours of me getting out of hospital lol...
Boston LOVES his Lola--A LOT lol

Aunt Nelly came to visit

Her signature pirate eye:)
More pics to come & sorry they are out of order lol

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