Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lola Lucille

 Where to begin??? I started having contractions after dinner sometime Monday night, and they stayed pretty consistent being 4 minutes apart, but not hurting. After probably 4 hours of wondering if it was real we decided to have my mom come get the boys anyway so we could be free to go to the hospital whenever we wanted. Pretty late that night we did decide to go in fear that all of a sudden it would turn into HARD labor since Boston was born in 4 hours start to finish. (Boy were we WRONG!!) When I checked into the hospital I was 4.5 cm and 90% efaced so they had me do some walking to see if I was progressing or if I should go home--after 45 minutes of walking I was 5.5cm so I decided to get into my birthing pool to relax--well so did my dilating so I got out and walked some more and got to 6.5 cm, but by now it was 7ish and they were contemplating sending me home since I was progressing so slow (who knew they send you home if your 90% and 6 cms lol) Anyways Mark asked if we could go walk outside and to the cafeteria and they said yes so away we went again lol--when we got back I was 100% so they kept me... They kept wanting to break my water this whole time but I really wanted to progress on my own because the pain was so manageable and I knew once they broke my water it was GAME OVER on pain being manageable lol. At 12:30ish I gave in--I had hit 8 cms and they were starting to get intense anyway so they broke my water--that's when S*#@ hit the fan (pardon my language lol) the contractions were so intense and my water in my tub was not HOT like I wanted so I went in the shower to let the HOT water run on my back. Keep in mind this whole time I was able to keep my hair looking good--well after they broke my water it took about 20 minutes or so and I was to 10cms--I made it to 10 cm with my hair looking good, but once those contractions started coming at 10 that crap went out the window and I threw myself onto the floor of the hospital shower (yes I am a germaphobe and I was laying on the freaking floor of the shower in the hospital because the contractions literally knocked me off my feet at this point) I was now screaming to Mark and my midwife to get the freaking epideral lol--my lovely husband informed me I told him to tell me I really didn't want it and to "man up" lol it really was a inside joke lol so no offense was taken, however some swear words were said and I told him I didn't care go find my epideral:) As I was laying in the disgusting shower they informed me I was starting to push so I had to move out of the shower ASAP--I kindly reminded them they said I couldn't push her out in the tub but never said I couldn't in the shower lol--I was being dead serious though. Mark, my nurse, & Ramona, MY AMAZING MIDWIFE WHOM I LOVE got me to the bed and a few pushes later our Lola was here:) It is so funny to think back on how mean I was to everyone lol--I know when her head was about to come out they said reach down and feel her and I screamed NO then when her head was out they said reach down and catch her again I screamed NO lol they said hold your thigh and use as a grip again I screamed NO lol. They would push on my back and I would scream STOP then I would scream PUSH ON MY BACK as soon as they stopped lol it was seriously awful!!!!!!  Again I screamed bloody murder & grunted like I hadn't done since Boston--seriously noises I never intend on doing again lol, but at the same time it was seriously amazing. As soon as she was out she lifted her head and opened her eyes and made eye contact with me--it was the craziest thing ever!!! She then came and laid on me quietly til her cord quit pulsating. She actually remained nameless for the 1st day/night and I think I turned the birth certificate lady away 3 times lol. Londyn and Stella were the names that remained on the list when I realized that if we combined parts from both you get Lola--that was it I fell in love with the name, and we finally knew plus she totally looked like a Lola to us!!
*For those of you who have been asking I still would 100% choose a home water birth over a nonwater birth any day!!! Don't get me wrong Gilbert Mercy was wonderful and so were my nurses--I just wanted to be in the HOT tub to deliver which is not allowed so I honestly think it hurt quite a bit worse than last time.
 My tub:)

 Daddy cutting the cord

 Trey & Boston meeting Lola
 The 1st family of 5 picture

The next day Trey asked to come see his baby:)
Of course we were suppose to close on our new house the day I had Lola so the next day a notary and our realtor came to my hospital room with all the docs so we could sign lol--what are the odds?
All ready to go home!!

Lola Lucille
6 lbs 13 oz 19 1/2 inches
Born at 37 weeks September 4 at 1:31pm

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katie ridings said...

aww precious baby. congrats!! TUB, thats awesome. I wanted to do a water birth or at least get in the tub during my labor or for birth and my water broke wayyy early and I couldn't....really dissapointing :( but lucky you!!

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