Saturday, February 20, 2010


I am so happy that the baby has not come yet and gave me some extra days to go do fun stuff with you before you got soooo sick! I was getting a little scared my last days alone with you were going to be with just me trapped on a bed or couch, but now all YOU want to do is lay and sleep on me--which is nice to cuddle so much before Boston comes but I am ready to be back off the couch lol! This has been the worse thing you have been sick with even with all your colds/ear infections you have never had a fever that wont go away!! Looks like we will be staying home for a good 4-6 weeks after Boston comes because this is just NOT worth it! You are miserable and I don't feel like having 2 miserable boys quite yet.

I just LOVE this poem and read it often...

First Born Son
I used to study parents and dream of a day
When I'd be called "Mommy" by a child at play.
I imagine the kind of mother I'd be
Rocking a baby upon my knee.
I'd be faithful and patient, creative and fun,
A friend and a mentor all wrapped up in one.
I'd love him a lot and offer him grace,
And surely the rest would fall into place.
Then my dream dawned; and I was with child.
God looked upon me, and knowingly smiled.
He bid all His angels to gather nearby.
He pointed me out with a twinkling eye.
He said, "see that woman, a daughter I adore?"
She's asked for a blessing, but I'll give her more.
She dreams of a child whom shortly she'll see.
I've got one in mind, a gift straight from me.
I've known him since time had its start.
He's full of spunk with a passionate heart.
He's got a strong will and determination;
He's smart and noisy, my prized creation.
Yes, this child is perfect, I know.
He'll mold her and shape her and cause her to grow.
He'll challenge her wit and knock off some pride.
He'll test the boundaries 'til her patience is tried.
He'll hound her often with impossible pleas,
And daily he'll drive her to her knees.
She'll turn to me for strength and grace
To raise a child who will run the good race.
She'll quickly learn the task at hand
Is not as simple as she'd planned.
She'll cling to my Word and fervently look
For wisdom and guidance in My precious Book.
And though he will test her, on days, wear her out:
This child will teach her what love's all about.
He'll be her laughter, her purpose, her joy,
Her greatest blessing, her firstborn boy.
She'll love him with a love so great
That some days her whole heart will ache.
And then she'll understand my loss
When I sent my Son to Calvery's cross.
Oh, yes, this child, a work of my hand,
Will grow my daughter into ALL I HAVE PLANNED!"
-Alicia Bruxvoort


The Fraley Family said...

LOVE that poem. It is always the worst when they are sick, but you are right good thing Boston hasnt come yet! I hope he gets better before he does. We will be praying

the Miller Family said...

Maybe it's the hormones, but that poem made me teary eyed ; ) Good luck and we're all praying for a healthy and happy delivery.

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