Saturday, February 6, 2010

The boys rooms are coming together!

Well the rooms are finally just about done! Trey moved into his new room with a Vintage Sports theme and Boston's nursery has a more Elegant Royal feel. We obviously bought Trey his new bed and Mark has been busily sanding and staining an armoire from the old guest room for him. (He was thrilled he got to do this-lol) Boston pretty much has the old furniture set but I took down the 4 posts on the crib to make it feel a little different. Boston's room also just got a new paint job to switch things up. Finally after today and my AMAZING Mom all the boys clothes got switched to the right closets and dressers--something that would have been done awhile ago but STUPID bed rest!!! Only 5 more days thank the LORD!!! I am now starting to just get plain frustrated and HATE it. Everyone does so much for me and Trey, but you can only ask people to do so much so there is still this massive list in my head so IF Mark can ever convince me to have a 3rd child I am doing EVERYTHING in the 2nd trimester, but as of now I can not even conceive the thought-ha!

This bronze wall hanging from MiMi is what inspired the whole theme
A quote from Babe Ruth above the closet

This was originally a different pattern but I sewed fabric over it to make it match

I made the letters that spell out his name

The 2 big frames above glider will hold his newborn pics
The 2 big frames to the left of the window will have a couple maternity pics in them
Yes my baby boy's room has leopard in it! Its really for me more than him anyway lol


Amy Lemmermann said...

Super cute!! love the bedding and paint!!

Jessica Stoker said...

This looks so great. You are really inspiring me to get my house decorated when we move in. I am so excited for you.

The Juarez Family said...

They both came out so cute! You have inspired me to get going on mine!

Matt and Tori said...

The nursery is adorable! Could be on HGTV. Wish you lived closer so you could help us with ours. We can't wait for Boston to arrive :)

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