Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Zoo Lights!

So Kristin & I decided to take the kids to Zoo Lights tonight... The boys were working and we thought what the heck... It was probably the busiest night they have lol we soon found out as we got there, but besides that it was fun! Poor Kristin had to wear her baby in the carrier and pull Trey & Presley in the wagon just so I would not have contractions walking around the park. (I am starting to get them pretty much doing anything now) The kids did great never getting out of the wagon once--lets be honest I can't chase them around anymore and Kristin had a 6 week old in a sling so that wouldn't work either so I really don't know what we would have done if there was a tantrum to get out-lol...
My sweet boy!
Eating their snacks
They are actually looking at ducks in this picture

1 comment:

Stillman Family said...

WHAT A NIGHT!! Whew! Note to self...bring the guys. HA! Fun tho!

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