Tuesday, December 22, 2009

With a moo moo here...

Today we took GiGi and went to visit Uncle Arie & Aunt Shayla out at the farm! I knew you would love it out there its just a little far so we had to plan for it when Shayla was on winter break! Uncle Arie has soooooooo many cows--just under 10,000 to be exact. You got to play on his all his big boy toys! Then we drove around the dairy looking at the cows as they ate, but the best part was going in where all the baby calfs were!!! You LOVED this!!!!
This calf would not leave him alone--it was quite funny (same cow in video @ bottom)

Letting the calf lick his hand
Playing in the golf cart
Uncle Arie getting the sand rail out for you

This CALF loved him some Trey!!!!!
(Excuse the end of the video I forgot to turn it off)

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