Monday, July 27, 2009


Sea World was such a neat way to celebrate Trey's 1st Birthday! I knew he would love it since he LOVES all animals. We had such a good time! I think we covered every exhibit and went to 3 shows! The underwater shark tunnel was a real hit along with the EEL tank. He also was obsessed with stingrays. We did let him hold a starfish at that section but I thought he might squeeze it to death so we ended that section real fast.
Trey watching the Beluga whales

laughing at the stingrays...
Trey absolutely LOVED the stingrays!!! He would grab them as they swam by...
Watching the dolphins with Poppy
Eating his shamu toy waiting for the dolphin show...
Right before we left for Sea World
We went to the night time SHAMU show and so of course we had to get Trey a glow sword since every other kid there had one and he kept eyeing them! He LOVED this show!

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Stillman Family said...

Love these pictures and so glad Trey had a fun bday! Now, we miss you so COME HOME!

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