Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beach Days

Well Trey is getting to experience his 1st (of many) San Diego trips!!! He did great in the car on the way over sleeping for 4 hours and watching a little Einstein for the other hour. Watching Trey play at the beach for the 1st time has been so much fun! He loves the sand--and gets it EVERYWHERE but when you are staying about 15 steps from the beach it does not matter! We have also been getting up and going on walks in the morning on the shore which is so nice--Trey even seems to sense the peaceful vibe because he just watches the water come in and out the entire walk without making much noise.

playing with daddy in a hole
Playing at the beach

Trey and Poppy

1 comment:

Miss M! said...

I swear you always find the cutest stuff for that baby. I'm so jealous of that hat!

I love the picture of him in the hole. That's funny!

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