Friday, June 19, 2009

Toy Town

Playing in the fire house
Driving a police car
In the bounce house
So today Trey had a 1st birthday party to go to for Arabella! It was at Toy Town and he had a blast. He ate a whole piece of pizza and drank from a straw and played in a jumper. As I was sitting there watching him thinking about the hundreds of birthday parties I have in my future of attending-lol-it made me sad to think he is not my baby baby anymore (He will ALWAYS be my baby but you know what I mean) I could not believe he ate a whole piece of pizza--he is not suppose to be able to do that yet.


The Griegers said...

Too funny!

Jessica Stoker said...

We just went there on Wed and Jackson had a blast. Glad to hear Trey is doing well.

Miss M! said...

Pizza? Wow!

SANTANA said...

Now you know that boy has probably been able to eat a whole piece of pizza since he was 6 months. Lol...Man it's crazy how fast a year went for him!!!

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