Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

The day started out like it normally does with Mark leaving in the middle of the night (midnight) to head out to go make turkeys--which means it was the little boys and I. So we watched the parade and made pumpkin pancakes, which were delightful! Then we waited til Daddy came home and got dressed for the day to go to our 1st dinner. First on the agenda was The Smith's--which had lots of friends and family and was SUPER fun! After spending the afternoon there we headed over to my Mom's. She went all out this year and had us eat outside at long tables--it was BEAUTIFUL with twinkle lights & candles everywhere!!
It was a wonderful day with lots of food & family! Then from there I convinced my dad to come stand in line with me at Toys R Us lol--we got there at 8-the doors opened at 9--we got in at 9:40, and I was home by 11:30! It was AWESOME--I saved so much money I will totally do it again next year!!!!


Boston's outfit was washed and dried before we even made it to our 2nd destination lol

My moms set up was Beautiful!!!!!
The boys admiring her village--its their favorite!

Aunt Shayla
Our place settings


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