Monday, November 14, 2011

Guess who went to the dentist?

I knew Trey needed to go have his teeth cleaned, but I have been dreading it--so when I saw this awesome deal on groupon I figured that was my kick in the butt to get it done! So Trey and I headed over to the pediatric dentist for X-rays, a cleaning, and fluoride treatment. He did awesome with the x-rays involving everything but his molars. Then he did really well when the dentist came in and looked, but he did not like the actual cleaning at all--that is when the tears came, but he had NO cavities so this MaMa was happy! After he was done he got a balloon and a toy so all was well!


He liked when the chair moved up and down lol

Before the cleaning...
Getting his picture taken for the "No Cavity Wall of Fame"

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Anna said...

I love it! MiMi is so proud of him. XOXO

Gus Eckles said...

That's great! He looks cute smiling in those pictures. I think he did fine in his visit to the dentist. It's good he doesn't have any cavities at all at such a young age. I hope he keeps to his dental habits as he grows older so his teeth stay nice and strong.

Dr. Thomas Seal DDS

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