Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Sooooo today Arie flew out to have a day of vacation with us!!!! (We are staying at his parent's beach house--which was sooooo nice of them!!!!!!!) I personally was very happy he came because I wanted to go sailing lol--which he so graciously took me! We tried to get Mark to fly out with Arie, but Mark has a small plane fear ever since the one we took in Tahiti so he opted out:( When we went to pick Arie up from the airport he let Trey get in the plane and look around. Then we all went down to the water to sail and play.
Sitting in Uncle Arie's plane

Pretending to fly

Ready to go!
On the boat
Trey did really good on the boat just sitting and watching the water

Capt. Trey
Shayla & Arie
Naps on the beach

This jelly fish came up all the way to the shore!


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Stillman Family said...

Love the pictures! You guys look like you are having so much fun. We are coming with you next time ;)

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